K-POP Star Autograph CD Event

by - 5월 14, 2016

K-POP Star Autograph CD Event released !!!

▶Shop and participate now: me2.do/FqMjxyli
Join the event and get your favorite star's special autographed CD for $0.
Participate by purchasing autographed CD for $0!

Among the purchaser, we will randomly choose 5 winners per each Singer.
The one and only chance only for Kmall24 members!
Event period : 2016.05.14 ~ 2016.06.12

+ Because of the technical issue, the price has been changed from $0 to $0.01. 
Currently our payment method is not working with $0. Please participate by purchasing the deal for $0.01, and we will refund you $0.01 so that you can participate for free.

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