2017. 8. 17.


The fanciest handy fan I've ever seen in my life. 

Today's MEGADEAL : [VIXX] Official Goods LIVE FANTASIA LED Portable Handy Fan  

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2017. 8. 16.

[MEGADEAL] SEVENTEEN Official Goods CARAT BONG Light Stick - Only 3 items left with FREE SHIPPING!!

The Carat Bong looks like a little glittery snow globe with a 17 Carat diamond in it, and it proudly represents Seventeen's fan colors of rose quartz and serenity!
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2017. 8. 10.

[MEGADEAL] Dr.Jart Water Fuse Ultimate Hydro Gel with int'l FREE SHIPPING

One of the new Dr.Jart Products to Keep You Cool This Summer! This moisturizer is amazing for all skin types. Very lightweight, but extremely hydrating without leaving the skin shiny. I love using this on my clients as well because it makes Makeup application so smooth and plump. I also love how affordable it is for a higher end brand.
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2017. 8. 3.

[Today's MEGADEAL] - Dr.Jart Ceramidin Mask 5pcs with FREE SHIPPING

Ceramidin Mask forms a moisturizing barrier and prevents moisture from evaporating with its soft emulsion formula, provides a smooth finish without stickiness, and immediately improves skin texture. Skin-friendly nanoskin fabric seamlessly and softly wraps on skin to effectively deliver active ingredients.

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