[Baby] Pure Baby Guard Toy Spray(Purier) - Organic Sterilization spray for toys and strollers

by - 2월 05, 2015

Today's item is for new mom! If your babies always suck or bite dirty toys, you have to clean the toys everyday! We recommend 'Purier toy' which is easy to sterilize toys, strollers and mechanical toys. Just spray for your babies!

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purier toy is a spray with natural ingredients and surface-active agents, especially for baby goods. It eliminates 99.99%of germs, virus, and bacteria on any surface right after sprayed. With 150 times more potent sterilization power, it has no harm on human, and it has been approved by accredited institutions over the world. Colorless, unscented, and tasteless, its pH is close to that of the skin, retaining moisture rather than drying the skin up. 

*Country of origin: Republic of Korea
• Perfect to clean contaminated toys (virus, bacteria, etc.)
• 100% natural cleaner for the safety of your baby
• Easy to sterilize toys hard to wash everyday, including strollers and mechanical toys
■ Special features
 • 16 types additives not used (Surfactant, Methylated spirit, Parabens, Fluorescent whitening agent,    
    Preservative, Combined congener, Artificial coloring agents, Petrochemical substances, Dyes,
    animal origins, Silicon oil, Phosphate, Glycol ethers, Phthalates, Formaldehyde, Phenoxyethanol)
 • Approved by FDA and KFDA
 • No dyes, Fragrance-free, Hypoallergenic
 • Stronger sterilizing power(99.99%) than other home disinfectants
   (Super bacteria, Influenza A (H1N1), Noro virus, food poisoning bacteria, and endocrine-disrupting chemicals)
 • Easy to use; just spray on the toys
 • No endocrine-disrupting chemicals (product changes into water after used)

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