Winter essentials from Kmall24

by - 11월 07, 2016

Kmall24 is back with new K-BOX for winter season!

Winter is just around the corner and it's time to prepare winter season.
We selected winter essentials for you! Check this out :)

Here they are : 

Let yourself be warm and happy with this newest K-pop and cozy cutie slippers & socks that warm you up.

Hair emulsion to protect your hair from winter's biting wind.

Diary to write days and prepare for new years and plans.

I know that it's the best to have yummy snack in the warm and cozy home in the winter times :-) Get a chance to have a healthier snack Korean crisp!

Enjoy everything for FREE SHIPPING!

See details here :
K-BOX Free giveaway event : Kmall24 Facebook

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